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Bosch Compress Hybrid Electric Water Heater

The 50 gallon capacity Bosch Compress Hybrid Electric Water Heater is ultra efficient and shares technology similar to an Energy StarĀ® qualified Refrigerator. Rather than taking heat from inside the appliance and moving it outside as a refrigerator does; Bosch hybrid technology takes heat from outside the appliance and uses it to heat the water! Using a specially designed heat pump system, the heat is transferred from the surrounding air to the water stored in a well insulated storage tank, resulting in efficient hot water and zero direct greenhouse gas emissions!

  • ZERO Emissions Clean electric operation
  • No Venting Requirements
  • QUALIFIES for a $300 Federal Tax Credit
  • EASY to read LCD display allows for easy operation and ideal temperature, efficiency and demand settings.
  • SIMPLE installation utilizing standard connections required for traditional electric tank water heaters
  • 10-Year limited warranty
1st Hr
Rating GPH
HP 200-150 58 2.00 64.5 x 22.4 209 1.8 kW0.7 kW100 - 140

Warranty Information

  • Tank and Parts for 120 months - Limited Warranty

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